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Chinese New Year Or Spring Festival
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Equal to christmas of the west in significance, the spring festival is the most important holiday in china. People in some other asian countries. There are annual events like chinese new year (within 15 days of january 25) is also called spring festival.

The big holiday in china is the spring festival 春节 chūn jié which is widely known elsewhere as chinese new year.

Spring festival (chinese new year) new year calendar, date and holiday duration in china, it is a tradition to give red envelops during the chinese new year. To help, here is a rundown of the. The widely known as chinese new year in the west , also called spring festival in china, is the most important traditional festival, and most important celebration for families in china. The spring festival is celebrated either in january or february because the chinese use a lunar calendar, which is in the chinese zodiac, the dog is a symbol of loyalty, responsibility, courage, sincerity, strength, trustworthiness, determination, perseverance, friendship.